Equipment Hire

From walking aids to rise and recline chairs, Herts Ability's Hire Service offers an easy way to try something out before buying, and to control the cost of equipment that you don't need for long

Wheelchairs, self or attendant propelled

Available at £3 per day, £5 per weekend and £12 per week with a £50 returnable deposit

Walking aids, rollators, Zimmers, crutches

Available from £3 per day or £5 per week or weekend, no deposit required

High back chairs, available with or without wings

Available starting at £20 per week, with a £100 returnable deposit

Rise and Recline Chairs

With a £100 returnable deposit and a £40 delivery and collection fee, chairs are available at £40 per week

  • Choice of compact or standard size chairs
  • Smooth and quiet lift in both single and dual motor
  • Exceptionally comfortable seat with adjustable back cushions
  • Luxurious fabrics including the ‘easy clean’ leatherette
  •     Tilt in Space is when the entire chair tilts on its frame, whilst the angle of the patient’s hips, knees and ankles remain the same. In chairs that are not tilt in space, only the back and the footrest move, not the chair frame.  
  • Single motor chairs move backrest and footrest at the same time. Dual motor allows the backrest and footrest to be operated independently.

Do remember that these chairs will rise as well as recline, so they can do the work for you when standing.

VAT Exemption

Hire fees are exemptable from VAT when the user of the item is chronically sick or has a disabling condition and has no choice but to use the item. VAT exemption is done at the till by declaring the user’s condition and signing the declaration form. No documented evidence of condition is required for VAT exemption.

If you need to hire short-term due a temporary injury, VAT must be included

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