Congratulations to Gary Colet who’s now safe to drive again!

After suffering from an extremely severe form of Covid-19, involving seven weeks in Intensive Care and five weeks on a ventilator, followed by two months in hospital, Gary Colet was unable to walk and had little feeling in his right foot. After learning to walk again with the help of an orthotic, he still was unsure about his ability to drive. Following a recommendation from his local neurologist, Gary chose our Welwyn driving centre to start this road to recovery. The Herts Ability assessment was very helpful in confirming his ability to drive safely again!

Here’s Gary’s thoughts on his assessment and the safety measures used by Herts Ability…

“As a post-Covid 19 patient, I was anxious to resume driving as part of my recovery. It has been many years since I took a driving test, so it was a good opportunity to brush-up on and be mindful of my driving skills. The assessment went very well. The instructor was reassuring and gave very clear instructions. As a result, I felt relaxed and confident. The Herts Ability facility is a great way to boost your confidence and find out if any modifications to your vehicle are necessary. The Covid-19 safety measures put in place by Herts Ability really made a difference and included social distancing, protective screens and PPE. The vehicle controls were also disinfected before and after my assessment. I have no hesitation in recommending Herts Ability. The staff are professional, caring and reassuring.”

Here’s what Herts Ability’s doing to keep our clients, customers and staff safe at all times! Members of the public, as clients, will need to be in a vehicle with Herts Ability assessors, and this will involve several new procedures to reduce risk. These will include the use of PPE and hand sanitiser, thorough disinfecting of vehicles, open windows at all times and limited close personal contact. Use of assessment rooms and waiting areas will all be adjusted in accordance with advice from Public Health England.

Returning to driving? Find out about driving again after an accident or illness. There’s lots of useful information and answers to commonly asked questions here. Also, to book your assessment, or for more information: 01707 384 263 /

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