Meet Marina Zucconi, Herts Ability’s latest success story!

Marina has chronic arthritis in her hands and feet and had a total reconstruction in her right foot in 2016, giving her a good range of movement and the ability to drive an automatic car. In February 2020 she had surgery on her right hand due to pain, unfortunately, it hasn’t worked and she now has neuropathic nerve pain which is worse than before the operation. She now finds holding and gripping the steering wheel painful and the pain can be distracting. During the assessment with Herts Ability it was identified that she could control the car using her right hand but this was limiting her enjoyment and use of the car as she was always having to plan ahead before going for a drive, if she went for more that half an hour she knew that she would be in too much pain to enjoy the actual reason for the journey. We tried the lollipop style secondary control unit with her and after 15 minutes of using it was able to complete the 12-mile assessment route, with no pain. She was incredibly happy with the result and is ready to have it fitted so she can start regaining her independence and enjoyment in driving again.

Congratulations Marina! Here’s what Marina had to say about the service we offered:

“Thank you so much for today, you guys have made me more confident, I am so pleased I came, looking forward to my new chapter!”

If you would like to book an assessment or would like more information on how an assessment can benefit you, please call us on 01707 384 263 or email

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