Phil-in’ Good: Congratulations to Phil Ahern for passing his assessment!

Phil Ahern had a stroke in July 2019, leaving him with reduced function on his left side. He attended an assessment in July 2020 to see what adaptations may work for him and it was agreed that a lollipop style secondary control unit in a car with automatic transmission would compensate for effects of his stroke. Phil had three hours of lessons following his initial assessment and then returned for a full on-road assessment in September where he successfully showed how he could now safely control the car using these controls.

Here’s what Phil had to say:

“Before the stroke I had been driving for 32 years. I had two refreshers following Herts Ability’s recommendation and now I can safely drive again! For those wanting to get back to driving, I say give it a go – you are looked after by a very supportive team. Passing my assessment and getting back on the road is an important step towards normality.”

Congratulations Phil!
If you would like to book an assessment or would like more information on how an assessment can benefit you, please call us on 01707 384 263 or email

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