Lisa Hall shares her road to recovery after being passed fit to drive!

I found out about Herts Ability from my Occupational Therapist and I chose the Dunstable location as it was the nearest to me. It was easy and quick to book my assessment over the phone. 

On the day of the assessment I felt quite nervous. I hadn’t driven for about seven months and I felt apprehensive about using adaptations. I need not have worried! From the moment I arrived everyone was very friendly and helpful. 

Initially I met the Occupational Therapists Sarah Wright and Wendy Valentine and James Hinkins the Driving Assessor. They explained about the adaptation they recommended for me and what would happen on the assessment. I had to read a number plate from a certain distance, then into the car! James explained how everything worked. After leaving the Centre James drove a short distance and then we swapped over. 

It was exciting to be driving again and I was surprised how quickly I became familiar with the Lollipop style steering aid. James was very reassuring and I didn’t feel under pressure. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was thrilled to pass my assessment.

After being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, I had my left arm and shoulder amputated at the beginning of January 2020. This has had a massive impact on my everyday life and mobility. 

For me, the ability to get driving again was one of my main goals. I would encourage anyone in a similar position to do the same and give it a go. I would thoroughly recommend Herts Ability, they were very friendly and exceptionally helpful. 

For older and disabled people, the ability to drive is important, providing freedom and independence. If you are concerned about driving or having difficulty managing any
aspect of driving, we are here to help!

If you feel that you, a patient, a friend or relative would benefit from our service, please call us on 01707 384 263 for advice or to book an assessment. Alternatively, email and we’ll be happy to help you get on the road to recovery!

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