The Star Of The Show – Beat ‘The Batak’ reaction game

Cuter than The Cube, more advanced than Alexa, it’s HAD’s all-new reaction game called Beat the ‘Batak’!

It’s a hand-eye coordination game like no other: 12 numbered LED lights are arranged across the Batak frame. With digital voice instructions informing the player that the game is about to start, the targets light up in numerous random patterns, & it’s the aim of the player to hit the button that’s lit as soon as possible. Once hit, the next random target lights up!

HAD OT Sarah supervising intently

It’s a race against time as the LCD electronic timer counts down the seconds!

The total number of ‘hits’ are recorded on the LCD electronic scorecard, with the winner being the player who has recorded the most hits in the given time period!

Catch her if you can at one our next shows! Or, for more info, click here!

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